TOCO – Theory of Change Online

Theory of Change Online (TOCO) is the only web-based software (no download required) that you can use to design and edit and store your theory of change, learn the concepts of theory of change, and capture your outcomes, indicators, rationales and assumptions in an interactive graphical environment. With TOCO you can also export your theory of change data into an excel editable worksheet which you can use as the basis for strategic planning, evaluation, work plans or systemic analysis of your organization and programs.

Sustainable Development Goals covered by this tool
  • Integration tools for analysing interconnections, synergies, trade-offs and bottlenecks among SDGs
  • Last-mile tools to support meeting the SDGs and targets and unlocking bottlenecks for all segments of society and reaching the furthest behind first
  • Risk-informed planning toolsfor resilience building, adaptation and identifying synergies and unlocking bottlenecks
  • Static Inter-linkage Analysis Tools
  • Risk, Foresight and Scenario Tools
  • Community-based Planning, Partnership, and Multi-stakeholder Engagement Tools
  • Human Rights Mainstreaming Tools
  • Indicators and Assessment Tools
  • Peace and Conflict Analysis Tools

Diagnostics, Computer models and programmes, Programming methodologies, Sets of monitoring indicators and indices, Communication plans, Knowledge management platforms