Mainstreaming Poverty Environment Linkages into National and Subnational Development Planning Processes

Focuses on integrating poverty-environment objectives into national development planning processes.  It guides practitioners on the need to identify and understand the various planning processes, timelines, institutions and actors involved.  It draws on institutional and context analysis methodology and economic assessments of environment and natural resource use to inform and influence the adoption of integrated cross-sectoral approaches to support pro-poor environmental sustainability in national development processes.

Sustainable Development Goals covered by this tool
  • Integration tools for analysing interconnections, synergies, trade-offs and bottlenecks among SDGs
  • Risk-informed planning toolsfor resilience building, adaptation and identifying synergies and unlocking bottlenecks
  • Environmental Degradation Risk Reduction Tools
  • Static Inter-linkage Analysis Tools

Diagnostics, Guidelines, Scenario builders, forecasting and back-casting methodologies