Mainstreaming Poverty, Environment and Climate Linkages into the National and Subnational Monitoring Processes

Focuses on the values and benefits of integrating poverty, environment and climate objectives into national and sub-national monitoring systems, including the approach to be considered and examples of successful efforts.  It also draws on public finance expenditure reviews as a tool for tracking budgeting and spending, and assessing the efficiency and effectiveness towards achieving policy and plan objectives.

Sustainable Development Goals covered by this tool
  • Risk-informed planning toolsfor resilience building, adaptation and identifying synergies and unlocking bottlenecks
  • Integration tools for analysing interconnections, synergies, trade-offs and bottlenecks among SDGs
  • Last-mile tools to support meeting the SDGs and targets and unlocking bottlenecks for all segments of society and reaching the furthest behind first
  • Tools for Financing Resilience
  • Tools for Financing the SDGs
  • Static Inter-linkage Analysis Tools
  • Environmental Degradation Risk Reduction Tools

Diagnostics, Guidelines, Programming methodologies, Scenario builders, forecasting and back-casting methodologies