JIPS Essential Toolkit for Profiling Internal Displacement Situations

This online profiling toolkit aims to support practitioners with easily accessible tools and guidance for conducting a profiling exercise from start to finish.  It supports actors to make the decision to undertake an exercise, identify objectives, establish a coordination platform and develop and implement an appropriate methodology for the specific context in which they are working.

In order to ensure visibility of IDPs within reporting systems for the SDGs, profiling exercises provide a concrete way for governments and partners to undertake displacement-specific data collection exercises. Adapted appropriately, these populations can also be incorporated into broader data collection processes, although many challenges arise when trying to do so. The tools and guidance included in the JET can be helpful for partners pursuing either approach since they can be easily adapted for different contexts and uses.

Sustainable Development Goals covered by this tool
  • Integration tools for analysing interconnections, synergies, trade-offs and bottlenecks among SDGs
  • Last-mile tools to support meeting the SDGs and targets and unlocking bottlenecks for all segments of society and reaching the furthest behind first
  • Community-based Planning, Partnership, and Multi-stakeholder Engagement Tools
  • Vulnerability Assessment Tools
  • Indicators and Assessment Tools
  • Fragility Assessment Tools
  • Data Revolution Tools

Guidelines, Capacity building