Financing Solutions for Sustainable Development Toolkit (FSSD)

A major task for policy-makers in financing the 2030 Agenda will be to attract and direct investments in areas and sectors where greater co-benefits and multiplier effects can be pursued. The online toolkit provides guidance to policy makers and researches in reviewing and operationalize financing solutions (e.g. impact investment, green taxes, etc.) to fund national/sectoral development plans and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) accelerators.

The Objectives of the tool are to:
1. Expand the toolbox of financing solutions considered to implement the SDGs.
2. Assess the potential, advantages, disadvantages, risks and characteristics of the financing solutions to be considered for my country’s strategy or project.
3. Inform national or sub-national planning processes, whereby a national or sector-specific strategy is drafted. It can inform brainstorming and writing workshops.
4. Identify guidance and learning material to operationalize financing solutions.

Sustainable Development Goals covered by this tool



The toolkit can be used in 3 different ways: 1. to prepare awareness raising sessions on financing for development/SDGs (short-term engagement); 2. to identify most suitable finance solutions to be included in national road maps (medium-long term programming); and 3. as self-paced learning on the variety of financing instruments and strategies.

  • Last-mile tools to support meeting the SDGs and targets and unlocking bottlenecks for all segments of society and reaching the furthest behind first
  • Risk-informed planning toolsfor resilience building, adaptation and identifying synergies and unlocking bottlenecks
  • Tools for Financing Resilience
  • Tools for Financing the SDGs

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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


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Guidance Documentation:

Financing Solutions for Sustainable Development (English)