The Leadership Working Group develops tools and guidance focused on strengthening the skills, effectiveness and accountability of Resident Coordinators and the managers and staff of UN country teams. It also works to improve the relationships between resident coordinators and UN country team members.

The working group helps UN country teams draw on the full resources and expertise of the UN System, including agencies that are not resident in programme countries. It promotes a coherent dynamic between resident coordinators and UN country teams through management and operational guidance; provides the UNDG with suggestions on mainstreaming policy decisions and guidance on Resident Coordinator issues into UNDG management guidance notes; fosters mutual accountability between the RC and UN country team members through coordinated support of the Resident Coordinator and UN country team performance appraisal process; and supports the assessment, selection, induction, and training of Resident Coordinators. This work helps to improve and enlarge the talent pool of qualified Resident Coordinators and facilitate succession planning from one Resident Coordinator to the next.