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Young Girls Return from School in North Darfur

UN Photo by Stuart Price

About HuriTALK

The UN Human Rights Policy Network (HuriTalk) – the UN-Wide virtual knowledge network on human rights policy – connects over 1800 development practitioners from more than 20 UN agencies, funds and programmes. Through the exchange of information, good practice and lessons learned, members develop their understanding of and capacity to integrate human rights-based approaches into development programming and practice. The network serves as a valuable practical tool for translating the UN’s commitment to mainstream human rights into all aspects of its work, system-wide.

If you would like to join the UN Human Rights Policy network or if you have further questions you may write directly to the HuriTALK facilitator at

HRBA Portal

The UN Practitioners’ Portal on HRBA to programming (HRBA Portal) is a key product of HuriTALK and features a collection of resources designed to assist the development practitioner at the country office level integrate a human rights-based approach into their programming work: It offers news, resources, human rights standards, tools, case studies, and more! Follow us on twitter @RightsPortal.


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