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Haitians Plant and Save Land in Cash-for-Work Programme

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The UNDG has identified countries, which are developing new UNDAFs and One Programmes, as one of two principal strategic entry points for implementing the latest generation of UN system-wide coherence initiatives. The second entry point is crisis/transition countries.

The “Delivering as One” model gained intergovernmental recognition for the first time in the QCPR resolution. Following a call from the QCPR, in August 2014, the UNDG released Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Countries Adopting the Delivering as One Approach that are based on good practices of working together at the country level. The SOPs are applicable primarily to Delivering as One (DaO) programme countries and they include a set of policies, principles and tools related to the UNDAF and the One Programme that are available for use by all Resident Coordinators (RCs) and UN Country Teams (UNCTs).

The PWG is tasked to support the UNDG’s development and implementation of high quality UNDAFs and effective delivery of results, the QCPR monitoring and implementation, the implementation of the UNDG Strategic Priorities and the SOPs, as well as to provide input into the UNDG’s framework for joint programming to support governments to complete the Millennium Development Goal targets and prepare countries for the forthcoming Post-2015 development agenda.

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