Peacekeepers Bring Supplies to Ivorians Displaced by Post-Electoral Fighting

UN Photo by Basile Zoma


  • Transition Planning: The UN strategies in transition contexts help to situate the UN’s comparative advantage and response within the broader national and international efforts for crisis recovery.
  • Transition Financing: Tools and approaches possible to ensure adequate and timely funding of the UN’s response in transition situations.
  • Integration Issues: Current UN policies and steps towards more integrated operational structures.
  • Post-Conflict Needs Assessment: PCNAs are increasingly used by national and international actors as an entry point for conceptualizing, negotiating and financing a common shared strategy for recovery and development in fragile, post-conflict settings.
  • Partnerships: The working group works together with a wide range of partners inside and outside the UN system to enhance common understanding and policy and HQ support to RCs and UNCT s in transition contexts.

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