One Funds

Delivering as One was launched by the Secretray General in 2006 with 8 countries agreeing to pilot the new approach. Building on its recognized success in enhancing UN coordination, there are now over 40 countries that have voluntarily adopted the Delivering as One approach.  To assist countries in implementing this model, the Standard Operating Procedures were rolled out in 2014 with their 15 core elements. One optional element is the One Fund. The One Fund is an example of a Multi-Door Trust Fund that is built around funding the identified gap in One Programmes/UN Development Assistance Frameworks (UNDAFs). The aim is for UN Country Teams to use joint resource mobilization strategies to ensure that identified priorities are funded. Donors are encouraged to pool unearmarked or loosely earmarked funds. The One Funds are administered by the MPTF Office ( and overseen by national One Fund Steering Committees that decided on the allocation of mobilized resources.

Revised 2015 Legal Agreements for One Funds

Policy Documents and Country Examples