Delivering Results Together Fund

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The United Nations Development Group (UNDG) decided to establish the “Delivering Results Together” Fund (DRT-F) 2013-2016 at the global level to support the second Delivering as One generation, building on the experience and lessons learned from the Expanded “Delivering as One” Funding Window for Achievement of MDGs 2009-2012 (EFW).

The DRT-F approach is different from that of the EFW’s. It does not serve as a broad funding gap filling mechanism, but rather supports targeted policy interventions identified by UN Country Teams (UNCTs) within their Joint Work Plans, in line with the DRT-F’s objectives and outcomes.

The overall objective of the DRT-F is to “support DaO countries to achieve transformative, sustainable development results through funding the UN’s integrated policy interventions in One Programmes in alignment with national development goals and priorities.”

Countries’ eligibility to apply for funding will be based on four main criteria.

  • Country status – Low Income Countries (LICs), Middle Income Countries (MICs), Upper Middle Income Countries (UMICs) and countries in transition.
  • Adoption of the Delivering as One approach, supported by the Standard Operating Procedures
  • Fully functioning One Fund – with available commitments or deposits from other donors
  • Integration of normative programming principles into the One Programme (mainstreaming of human rights, advancement of gender equality, and promotion of environmental sustainability)

Each of these criteria, as well as allocation criteria, is further explained in the Programme Document/Terms of Reference for the ‘Delivering Results Together’ Fund. Eligibility is assessed by the DRT-F Secretariat, Technical Sub-Committee and Steering Committee.

The DRT-F will support integrated policy interventions in One Programmes/Joint Workplans in alignment with national development goals and priorities. DRT-F funding will complement funding from other sources in order to fully implement these policy interventions.

Contributions to the DRT Fund are encouraged both from donor partners and programme countries. Targeted resource mobilization activities are undertaken by the DRT Fund Steering Committee in order to ensure a broader partnership base with resources made available to countries.

The ‘Delivering Results Together’ Fund is governed by the DRT Steering Committee having oversight and management responsibilities. Additional advisory and technical support is provided by the DRT Fund Consultative Committee and the Technical Sub-Committee. The DRT Fund Secretariat functions are performed by the UN Development Operations Coordination Office, and the administrative and financial management function are fulfilled by the DRT-Fund Administrator – UNDP Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office.

Delivering Results Together Fund Key Documents

Publication Date
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DRT-F TOR/Programme Document2014
DRT-F Overview 20152015

Delivering Results Together Fund Allocations and Reports

Publication Date
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DRT-F Approved Policy Initiatives 20142014
DRT-F Approved Policy Initiatives 20152015
DRT-F Annual Report 20142014
DRT-F Highlights of Achievements from January-June 20152015