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National ownership of development strategies, alignment of development assistance with national priorities, and harmonization of development efforts all contribute to better, more sustainable development outcomes.

UNDG is committed to deliver effective development assistance in line with the General Assembly’s triennial comprehensive policy review (TCPR) resolutions, the Millennium Declaration and the MDGs, the 2005 World Summit, the 2002 Monterrey Consensus, and the 2008 Doha Declaration on Financing for Development.

The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness is part of the ongoing efforts to increase the effectiveness of development assistance with concrete indicators and targets. At the 2008 Accra High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, UNDG advocated using aid as one of the instruments for achieving the MDGs and securing development results; stressed the importance of capacity development and the use of country systems; and called for untying aid, limiting conditionalities and making aid more predictable to complement growing new sources of development finance.

The 2008 Paris Declaration Monitoring Survey confirmed that the UN system has made tangible progress in implementing the Paris principles over the past few years. Greater efforts are needed, however, to achieve the targets set for 2010. In particular there is a need to make greater progress in using country systems, including use of procurement and financial systems.

UNDG is currently developing practical guidance to support UN country teams in engaging effectively in a rapidly changing aid environment and has initiated work on a strengthened UNDG Action Plan on Aid Effectiveness. This response will include operational guidance and instructions on how United Nations agencies are to interpret the Paris Declaration indicators in view of TCPR commitments to strengthen national ownership and national capacity.

Policy Framework

Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) 2008

Accra Agenda for Action (English - 506 kB)
Statement by the UNDG Chair (English - 124 kB)
UNDG Conference Report (English - 287 kB)
UNDG Poster Flyer (English - 782 kB)
UNDG Delegation (English - 58 kB)
Accra High Level Forum Website (English - Web Link)

Guidance and Tools

Publication Date
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Better Aid for Development Effectiveness - Reference Guide for UN Country Teams2011
UNDG Position Paper - Response to the Changing Aid Environment2008

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