The UNDG serves as a high-level forum for joint policy formation and decision-making. It agrees on the UNDG strategic priorities and work plan and endorses all formal UNDG guidance, policy papers and position statements, in close consultation with the other pillars of the UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination.

The UNDG convenes three to four times a year under the chairmanship of the UNDG Chair. The UNDG is composed of senior representatives, preferably at the Assistant Secretary-General/Assistant Director-General level, designated by the executive heads of UNDG member entities. UNDG representatives are entrusted by their executive heads to take decisions on their behalf. Normally, there is one representative from each UNDG member entity who may be accompanied by an organizational expert for substantive presentation and discussion.

Decision‐making shall be based on consensus among UNDG members, with the adoption of the opt‐in/opt‐out principle when circumstances call for it, which would require the UNDG Principal to inform the UNDG Chair in writing accordingly.

Decisions of the UNDG are binding across the UNDG working mechanisms. The UN Development Operations Coordination Office assists the UNDG Chair in preparing the UNDG agenda, arranging the meetings, preparing the meeting reports and ensuring the UNDG Working Groups, Regional UNDG Teams, and Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams are informed of the decisions and views of the UNDG.


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