The implementation of the UN Development Group (UNDG) strategic priorities and work plan is driven by a core set of UNDG working mechanisms – Working Groups and Task Teams – with focus on fostering system-wide norms, standards, and policies, as well as operational effectiveness.

Three working groups focus on fostering integrated, system-wide policy approaches and advocacy and guide implementation of the respective global policy agendas at regional and country level in support of the UNDG Strategic Priorities. These working groups are:

  • Sustainable Development Working Group
  • Human Rights Working Group
  • UN Working Group on Transitions

Five other working groups drive operational effectiveness for results as outlined in the strategic approaches of the UNDG Strategic Priorities. These groups are:

  • Communications and Advocacy Working Group
  • Leadership Working Group
  • Programme Working Group
  • Fiduciary Management Oversight Group
  • Business Operations Working Group

Senior level officials representing UNDG members participate in the working groups to ensure system-wide support for the respective policy and advocacy agendas. The UN Development, Operations and Coordination Office (DOCO) acts at secretariat, providing technical, advisory, administrative and logistical support to the working groups.

All UNDG working groups report to the UNDG and the UNDG Chair, with guidance from the UNDG Advisory Group.