About Silo Fighters

All of us who are working to bring people, teams, departments, agencies and countries together to advance sustainable development are battling organizational silos that prevent us from creating integrated solutions. We are the Silo Fighters.

Silo Fighters is an open blog that provides a forum for those who are working to break silos, either within the UN system or outside of it. This blog allows you to share and reflect on your experiences.

As a platform enabling us to ‘work out loud’, this blog offers personal stories of how we do our work. It connects UN colleagues as well as outside contributors to the broader discussions on sustainable development, focusing on collaboration, reducing the trade-offs between environmental, economic and social policy agendas, and working together with citizens as experts. Silo fighting is an essential part of sustainable development.

Become a Silo Fighter!

Join us. Become a blogger and share the work that you do. We are looking for contributors to share experiences of bringing departments, divisions and organizations together to advance common objectives, particularly sustainable development. We welcome contributions from those who would like to test ideas and get feedback.

Connect with us if you are:

  • Collaborating across departments, either within the UN system or outside of it
  • Partnering on development with the UN
  • Helping to bring the UN development system together
  • Willing to add personal reflections and write informally about your work

Please send us your draft posts (500 to 700 words) together with visuals to kit.doco@undg.org. We’d love to hear from you!