Inspired by the Secretary General’s reform of the United Nations, the Joint SDG Fund works across all 17 global goals to transform current development practices, and forge sustainable and resilient paths towards 2030 Agenda achievement. We enable new approaches by drawing from existing expertise within and outside the United Nations Development System, and support a new generation of United Nations Country Teams and Resident Coordinators in implementing nationally owned and led programmes built on a country’s unique development assistance framework (UNDAF).


The Strategic Advisory Group, chaired by the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General and Chair of the UNSDG, provides leadership and strategic direction to the Fund. Strategic Advisory Group membership is comprised of representatives from fifteen Member States (rotational), and observers from the private sector, foundations, and civil society. UNDP is a member of the Strategic Advisory Group and the MPTFO and DCO are observers. The Operational Steering Committee is chaired by UNDP. Current members are UNFPA, WFP, UNICEF, ILO. The MPTFO and DCO act as observers.


Contributions to the Joint SDG Fund have been made by the European Union and governments of Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.


The Joint SDG Fund Terms of Reference outline Fund governance procedures and operations.